Truly Modern Living

MId-Century sensibility and design meet today’s materials and solutions. A vibrant re-mix created for today’s style of living.

Owner Rick Ward, and the NCM team, build site-specific homes custom designed to embrace the beauty of the Modern aesthetic and to exact the utmost from the setting; the intersection of luxury and function.

We are dedicated to not merely building homes in the modern vernacular, but to creating living spaces that are elegant and functional.

By definition, we are creators, designers, engineers and builders. Our work is unique, not for the sake of being different, but for the value of crafting the best solution for the space in question. 

NCM: Truly Modern Living. 

The NCM team

Rick Ward

Managing Partner

Rick is the mastermind behind Next Century Modern. As a builder he has created Modern homes that are unlike any other in Seattle. From initial concept to final finishes Rick’s vision is the keystone to all that NCM builds.

Rick is a Managing Partner in both Next Century Modern and 360 Modern Real Estate. Constantly looking for the next level of design, you can find Rick exploring both mid-century and contemporary design for inspiration wherever he is.

Heidi Ward

Managing Partner

As a real estate broker, Heidi is an eighteen year veteran of Pacific Northwest real estate. Heidi’s passion, drive, and empathy—combined with an astute understanding of the process of negotiation—has proven to be a winning combination.

In addition to being a successful real estate broker, Heidi is a Managing Partner in both Next Century Modern and 360 Modern Real Estate. Not satisfied with just buying and selling Modern homes, Heidi, her husband Rick and their two boys live in one of the many homes NCM has built in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood.


A brief History of Next Century Modern




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First Home From Scratch


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